Ulupinar Restaurant

Grasping natural beauties of Kemer town in Antalya dazzles your eyes! Ulupınar village is one of these which is on Antalya-Kumluca highway, after you pass Kemer, it is 3 km in front before going to Çıralı turnout… It is possible to watch the nature with the restaurants and fish farms located in the region, and experience these beauties and it is known with its water as cold as ice even in the summer that comes from the Taurus Mountains. Ulupınar village also intersects with the Lycia-Olympus road where at least 500 tourists pass for trekking every day.

Ulupınar which is 30 km distant from Kemer, Antalya and is located on the feet of Olympus Mountains within unique beauties, is a pretty village nested with greens and cool waters…  A natural wonder and its restaurants mirrors the reflection of this beauty

Havuzbaşı Şelale Restaurant was established as a fish farm, before becoming a restaurant. It still hosts thousands of trout in this farm. The fish is supplied to the local hotels and restaurant. 300 thousand trout are produced in 50 ponds. Every day thousands of local and international tourists visits the region, and eats trout as they sit by the poolside. Alternatively the menu offers exquisite meat casseroles and Quail dishes!