fortunerafting-canyoning1-300x169 Rafting

fortunerafting-canyoning1-300x169 Rafting

For something a bit different, you can try a rafting trip in Antalya!
An exciting day out which gives you the opportunity to race the rapids whilst viewing the breath-taking cedar forests of especially the Koprulu Canyon national Park.

The Rafting Tour begins in the morning by going to the Koprulu National Park and the regions interesting geological structure and the crystal-clear waters of the Koprulu River.

The participants will receive information related to safety rules and equipment by expert rafting teachers. They can choose either a kayak or a zodiac boat for rafting. Kayaks provide a more active Rafting experience. Zodiacs are for 8-10 person groups and are accompanied by a rafting guide. After a few hours of enjoyment with the rafting tour which requires no previous experience, there will be served lunch beside the river.

The Rafting program’s flow:
*Along with the equipment taken (helmet, life vests, etc.), we will go to the place where the rafting tour begins.
* The first stage is 7 km long and is made up of different sections. These are the First Shock, the Half Moon, the Mouth of the Monster, and the Angels’ Waterfall. While passing these sections, various animations will make this tour even more enjoyable.
* After the first stage, the boats will be brought to land and there will be a break to re energize. Here, those who want can do Body Rafting without a Boat. Body Rafting, which is a safe activity allows the visitors to go ahead in the water with their life vests.
* The second stage again involves various sections including the Washing Machine, Roulette, Bugy Bugy, and the Pit of Satan. Just like the first stage, this stage continues with animations and games.
After finishing the stages, we go back to the starting point, the rafting station. Here, dressing rooms, hot water showers and toilets are found. A buffet-style lunch will be served to the visitors accompanied by the amazing view of the Koprulu Canyon River. During the meal, photographs and videos taken during the rafting tour will be shown. Those who want to, can buy these photographs and videos.